About Us

Anyone can say they can build affordable housing. But we deliver. We have taken on the challenge to breathe new life into communities and transform lives by forging the way forward for luxurious yet affordable quality housing in Pakistan.

Who We Are

Chitral Associates (Pvt.) Limited (CAP) takes great pride in being a full-service and the leading Real Estate Company of the twin cities with the key focus on its own projects. CAP provides its clients with unparalleled and quality service so as to help them with all of their real estate and construction needs.

Being a multi-dimensional real estate development, brokerage, investment and construction company, Chitral Associates (Pvt.) Limited has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise, positioning itself as one of the leading privately-owned company in Pakistan since its inception. Our key competencies are; Land Development, Town Planning, Commercial and Residential Construction, Design Consultants and Architects, Property Consultants and Advisors, General and Wholesale Supplies.

Luxurious yet affordable projects have been launched by Chitral Associates (Pvt.) Limited (CAP) during the last few years; some of which are:

  • Chitral Town in Rawalpindi
  • Chitral City Thandani
  •  Chinar Villas
  •  Kijnah
  • Price Villas Barakahu 
  • Chitral Streets Alipur Farash in Islamabad
  • Golden Homes Lalakilay in Peshawar
  • Chitrak Villas Balach in Chitral

CAP is one of the most consisting and promising Real Estate Company having collaborated experience in development and construction of residential and commercial projects. Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence and in-depth understanding of the market dynamics in the regional real estate industry, we have managed to deliver these best projects in different cities.

We put community needs at the heart of every project. We don’t just build houses, we develop communities. Using years of experience, we create solutions to the severe housing shortage by uniquely combining quality physical infrastructure design and housing units with social infrastructure and services, resulting in a visible and tangible ‘totally different and new way of life’ for our clientele. And as a result of our practical approach, honesty, quality, relentless commitment and untiring team work, we have grown steadily and created a rising name in the Real Estate & Construction market. We are the only socially driven community based private sector business, developing and implementing quality, affordable housing solutions for ordinary, hard-working Pakistanis.

We aim to be a full-service commercial and residential real estate developer of choice for national, corporate vendors while building beneficial environments, maintaining long lasting relationships and by creating thriving communities in which people flourish and are proud to be a part of. We will continue to flourish by catering to the requirements of a new generation of Real Estate Buyers and Investors at both local and international level while helping to shape the Pakistan’s urban transformation.


A small construction based sole proprietorship was established in 1971 that later flourished into a brand now commonly known as Chitral Associates (Pvt.) Limited (CAP)  – one of the most trusted and  leading Realtor of Pakistan; all of this happened because of the tireless hard work of a skilled, committed and visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Sultan Wali. From its modest origins in real estate and construction business, CAP has opened community based and general projects in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Chitral that offer incomparable and best quality services in the field of Real Estate.


Our reputation for integrity, dedication, honesty, transparency, unparalleled expertise and staler results make us the indispensible real estate team of choice in our target market

CAPLI is known as an industry leading full service real estate Company in its target market. It has established an enviable track record over the past decades and is on-course to continue well in to the future. By balancing its activities between its operating portfolio and developments across broad markets, the company provides both stability and opportunity through industry cycles. While acting as a responsible fiduciary to our investors, our internal working environment for high investor returns employee growth, team work, and fun, coupled with a tradition of excellence and integrity.


To Provide Top Quality Professional Service and Support in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious, we are committed to high standards, systems and performance necessary to fulfil all of our your real estate dreams.

To provide our team unparallel opportunities for personal and professional development Real Estate is a vacation for us. Through this vacation we have the ability to impact lives in the most meaningful, positive way - the lives of our clients, our families, ourselves, and every person we come in touch with

We have it all;

Our Values

  • Honesty/Integrity – Commitment
  • Truth/Loyalty – Personal Life and Business Affairs
  • Respect – Each and Everyone
  • Creativity- Innovative Solutions and Ideas
  • People - Personal Family Level, Team Level and Customer Level
  • Fun and Humor - Work Place, Work Hard Play Hard
  • Abundance - Win Win
  • Professional Intelligence – High industry standard
  • Quality – JIT and CI
  • The Team/Collaboration - value synergy Common Goal and Communication within organization and with clients
  • Accountability – Justifiable
  • Success/Achievement/Excellence/Expertise/Mastery – Skill and Talent
  • The Customer – Reason we are here, Deliver beyond expectations
  • The Community – Better place for Generations
  • Profit – RoI for Investors

Our Beliefs

  • Ethics: Do right things – always
  • Growth Mindset: There is always a room for growth, Never Stop Learning
  • Quality Matters: Compromise quantity over quality
  • First Class Service: Our Clients Deserve the Best, Unmatchable Services
  • Relationships: Core of business – Life Long Relationships, Transactions into relationships
  • Efficiency: Do the most we can do for our Clients, Technology, New Idea, and Support Staff

Our Philosophy

This is not just a business; this is about peoples’ lives. We seek to develop our business not as an end to itself, but as a mean to make positive change for us, our clients, and the world around us. The more successful we are as a team, the more impactful we can be. To that end we seek to run a profitable, VMOG based team that is ranked in the top of realtors list. We value family, spirituality and giving back to the society and those in need;