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Building is a key element of what we do, but we do a whole lot more!

Residential and commercial construction is a key element of what we do. We believe in building long term relationships with our clientele based on our ability to present exceptional construction service that goes far beyond the typical life cycle of a single project. We are in the construction industry because we are passionate about building; structures, relationships, and opportunities.

We have more than 45 year of wide experience in construction with quality amenities for better living standards. Either it be residential construction or commercial, brick structure or frame structure, grey structure or complete finishing, our first and top priority is client’s satisfaction and ease that starts from the very first step in form of detailed paper work including quotations, bill of materials, agreements & contracts, regular interaction throughout the execution of project, addressing issues and successfully completing the project.

Our main motive is to introduce new technologies to save our customers time and money.

What makes a building come to life is through building services. Without the force of this division, building and establishments are dull and in chaos. Many of these types of services are generally responsible for the design, setting up and repairs as well as monitoring of every area of the establishment that is required for a harmless, undisturbed and environment-friendly set-up of buildings. 

Imagine yourself in a magnificent building and then take away all the amenities and facilities that you have, you will be left in a cold dark place. A building is designed to protect and provide shelter to people and not only that, a building must perform what it was designed to do and to be in an environment where people living in it can work, live and accomplish their goals. Below is list of building services that is common for a building services agency. 

• Natural and artificial lighting as well as building facade. 
• Water, drainage and plumbing. 
• Escalators and lifts. 
• Ventilation and refrigeration. 
• Energy supply that will include electricity, gas and renewable sources. 
• Air-conditioning and heating. 
• Security and alarm systems. 
• Fire detection and protection. 
• Landlord safety checks. 
• Communication lines, telephones and IT networks.

A lot of investment nowadays go to construction of buildings such as residential, commercial and industrial, airports, hospitals, schools and others. All these, you need to maintain them through regular cleaning, inspection and repairs and this will ensure that there will be no extra cost of repairs or maintenance due to delays and negligence. It is very important that proper maintenance and care must be done in every corner of your buildings so that it will last longer. 

Why Are Home Builders Important In Our Society When it comes to building and constructing homes of any size, home builders are definitely the ones you should hire. This is because home builders know and understand mostly everything and anything that involves homes and its construction aspect. Home builders boldly proud themselves in excelling in their chosen construction trade which is the creating, building, and constructing of home structures. Even though those in the construction business of building buildings and tall elevated structures have the tools necessary, material know-how, and knowledge of construction can also build regular homes, it is actually home builders who are better experienced in this aspect and is the very reason why they can also do better. 

The main advantage of hiring home builders as to opposed to other construction contractors is that home builders are well aware of what needs to be done properly and they know and understand the strength of materials necessary to make the home structure sound enough to be able to support the given weight to it, yet not weak enough that it is unable to handle any increased weight.. 

Our homes are very important to us and those how plan on raising their families under their very own home constructed by home builders knows and understands just how important home builders are in our society. Homes are necessary for the growth and expansion of towns and cities, a matter where the trade expertise of home builders is valuably needed. Even though there are certain advantages to living in a condominium when you are in the city, this still does not beat the many advantageous aspects of having a home that is structurally built from the ground up and properly constructed by home builders.

Construction Management Services (Mr. Build It/Mr. Builder)

Buying the property you like at an affordable price can be a dream come true. But the real struggle is to get that property constructed with quality and class. It’s hard to make sure that you are getting the kind of quality that will serve you for years to come.

We are offering our customers the professional, specialized and highest level of quality construction at fair & market competitive prices. We do overall planning that includes coordination of all the activities and making sure there are controls developed so that all the projects are taken care of from start to their ultimate completion.  Our construction management services includes but are not limited to;

  • Location Selection

    Whether you want to buy a home as an investment, a lifestyle upgrade or both, one of the most important decisions you will make is where you want to live. Your home’s location will help determine not only the future value of your investment, but also many aspects of you and your family everyday life.
    Chitral Associates (Pvt.) Limited team helps you to identify and guide through the factors you need to consider when choosing location for your House such as Total Cost, Geography, City Vs Suburb Vs Rural, Neighbourhood, Commercial Hubs, City Centres, Schools, Health Facilities, Proximity to Work, Safety, Proximity to Friends & Families, and but not limited to Proximity to Leisure Activates.
    Our Consultancy Team is always ready to guide and help you in location selection for your house.

  • Land Procurement

    Buying or Selling the property without involving the agent may look a bit attractive as the commission of the agent is saved but it may cause you a lot of worry as the agents share most of your burden in whole of the process. So it's good to find a reputed Real Estate Agent.

    Chitral Associates (Pvt.) Limited helps you in complete Land Procurement Process that includes initial document Checks and verification, properly examination of Land to be bought and its market value, price negotiations and process of actually buying the land.

    We help to draft an agreement between the parties involved in the transaction. An agreement is made to make sure that none of the parties involved in the transaction change their mind and go back on what has been decided about the transaction.

    Some of the key point you must need to consider while making an agreement on buying a plot or house are;

    The agreement should cover the following basic things:

    • Agreed cost of the land between seller and buyer
    • Advance amount given by the buyer
    • Time span in which the actual sale should take place
    • What procedure has to be adopted if any of the parties default on the agreement
    • How the losses have to be covered if any of the parties default
    • Particulars of the land
    Statement of the sale to registrar

    Then both the parties are due to see the local registrar of the property, where the seller asserts, in presence of the witnesses and the buyer that he has sold the property to the buyer, in the price mutually agreed upon. The registrar then makes orders to the local land record officer to make the changes regarding the ownership of the land, and transfer the title of the property to the buyer from the seller. Buyers and Sellers both have to submit the applicable fees imposed by Govt in transferring the property either house or plot.


    This is it! That's whole of the procedure. Follow it in the order prescribed to execute a fine deal and report the local authorities if you find any trouble at any stage.

    • Architectural Design & Planning
    • Building Construction
    • Furnishing
    • Maintenance

      Customised Repair and management services

    Beside construction management services we are also offering customized maintenance & repair solutions with durability and reliability under the umbrella of Mr. Fix It. Starting initially in our own projects in Islamabad & Rawalpindi, our team of qualified workforce is available to help you with all below stated jobs and tasks that require urgent attention. So whether you are constructing a house, office, or a commercial plaza, or remodelling/Renovating your property, Mr. Fix It is ready to serve you. Our prices are really affordable and competitive.

    A/C Technician
    Glass & Window
    Steel Works

    Click here for detailed Mr. Fix It services.
  • Costing

First, decide where you want to buy property. Pick a city and even a neighbourhood that you like. Do extensive research and consider visiting possible areas before coming to a decision.
Figure out your budget. How much money can you afford to spend on property, and how much of that will go to agents, furnishing, and other expenses? Consider factors like your income, expenses for yourself and your family, and amount of money saved.
Think about why you want to buy property. Are you planning to use the space, to live or work in? Or is the property a financial investment that you hope to make money on later?
Decide what kind of property you want to buy. Are you looking for a house, an apartment, an office building, or a vacant lot on which you can build whatever you want? Do you want arable land in the countryside for farming? Decide what kind of property you're looking for.
Decide how much land you want to buy. If you're buying a house, how big do you want it to be, and how much space do you want around it? If you're buying land for a farm, think about how much space you'll need to appropriately develop and run your farm.
Contact a real estate agent. Using a Pakistani real estate agent will help you negotiate the details of buying property in Pakistan, which is particularly helpful if you're purchasing from abroad. A real estate agent is also very familiar with property in the area, so they will be able to show you properties meeting your criteria.
Research real estate agents online, read reviews and stories of others' experiences, and find the best real estate agent in your area
When you find a property you like, meet the seller directly. With your agent, examine the property thoroughly. Ask questions and visit the property to see if you like it.
When you choose a property, negotiate the price. Haggle with the seller to find the right price for both of you, without paying too much.
Confirm the authenticity of property you want to buy. Take the registry file to the registrar office and confirm that the property is original and legitimate. Then go to Patwar Khana, the the property registration office, and transfer the property to your name. They will walk you through any other administrative proceedings necessary when purchasing property.
Finally, pay for the property. Decide on the method of payment and make all payments necessary. Also pay the commission to the property agent, if you bought the property through the agent.

We have accomplished hundreds of projects concerning renovation, maintenance, reconstruction, construction, development and town planning. We have qualified staff, an honest & efficient team of workers permanent and associated with us to work under severe conditions and also have a kit of tools & plant like mixer machine, vibrator pumps scaffolding, formwork and other related essential tools as per required day to day. 

The infrastructure used in our daily lives all has been created because of civil construction and engineering. The roads, railways, stadiums, harbours, schools and other buildings constructed all are a contribution to civil Construction.

a.Civil Engineering
All types of concrete structures such as frame structure or Load Barring Buildings 

b. Commercial building
Factories, Warehouses, Parking Garages, Offices, Hotels and other commercial or industrial structures. 

c. Residential
Houses and apartments on a turnkey basis. 

d. Services
Architectural, structure and consultancy & Project Management services 

e. Interior & Exterior
We also offer full Finished works in all type of Commercial & Residential Buildings 

f. Road & Highways
Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. 

We undertake the execution of Civil Structural Concrete Construction Works right from foundation stage to the completion stage, which includes erection of form-work, steelwork, concreting. The final stage of job execution includes finishing of the concrete surfaces after de-shuttering, Laying and placing in position the infrastructure for electrical (low & high voltage), plumbing network. Our work for Structural Construction includes Foundations, Substructures and Super Structures. 

Finishing works/place & painting and laying of marble floors/walls of Hyyat Regency. 
• Granite/Marble fixing on façades, walls and floors 
• Fixing of joinery works like doors windows, Parquet Flooring, Palco work 
• Painting, Tiling, Screeding and Ornamental Work 
• Dry Partitions, False Ceiling 
• HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Works 
• We provide highly experienced and competent workforce for HVAC works